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Have you switched?

For all of us here in North East Victoria you should be aware that we have now completely switched over to Digital TV broadcasting services. This means that you will need a digital TV capable device per TV point in use; such as a Set Top Box or Digital Television to be able to view your TV shows. In most cases you do not need to buy a new television you can simply connect a Set Top Box to your old analog television or VCR.

Can't get reliable Digital TV reception?

If you are in a bad signal area for digital TV or for those of you who receive your current television broadcasts from the satellite service (Aurora) due to difficulties receiving TV signals from a normal fixed antenna. You could be eligible for the new digital TV version of the satellite service called VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television). To check if you are eligible for the VAST service simply click here and enter your residential address or if you would like more information on the VAST service & channels that are available click here.

Some areas recently installed with VAST include: Boggy Creek, Cheshunt, Everton Upper, Edi Upper, Lake William Hovell & Upper Ryans Creek.