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Recent customers questions...


P: My phone line is dead or crackly when I pick up the phone.
S: There are to sides to this problem. Firstly, use another phone to report the fault to your carrier(Telstra, Optus, etc). They can check the line and test for any obvious line faults. If the provider finds a fault they will dispatch a technician to diagnose the fault. The technician should test the line up until your 1st house socket.

Secondly, if the fault is found to be further in your house cabling or devices connected to it you need to contact us to investigate your house phone wiring to find the cause. This also can be done before the carrier is contacted.

Q: I need a new phone outlet in a room. Can you do that?
A: We sure can. Fully licensed installers can cable & setup a new phone or computer network point anywhere in your house or shed, no matter how many phone numbers you might have.

TV & Video

Q: I think I need a new antenna. Can you do that?
A: Defiantly. Unlike some other installers we don't just install any generic antenna! We match an antenna to suit your particular geographical location and the type of TV setup you have. It does not matter if you currently don't have digital TV's or a STB at all your outlets. However you will need one per TV outlet you wish to use.

Q: I just purchased a new DVD player & TV. I am confused with what connections I should be using. Can you help?
A: Yes. Electronics are getting more complicated everyday. We understand all the connection types for many different devices & can help you get the best setup for any budget.

Q: My TV signal comes and goes.  What's going on?
A: You may have interference, low or borderline signal strength or possibly a broken antenna. We have equipment to test your TV signal to ensure you are getting the best picture possible. We can replace that broken antenna if that may be the case.

Computers & Internet

P: My computer is doing strange things and is really slow.
S: You could have a virus or malware. There may be software causing your computer to run slower or some components could simply be on their way out. We can scan your machine and eliminate any viruses, track down causes of the slow machine or replace old or defective parts.

Q: My son got a new computer for his birthday. How do I connect him to our internet connection and share files between the 2 computers.
A: We can install cables to connect any number of things to the internet or share files (home network). This can also be done without wires if cabling your house is a problem or you are renting.


Q: We are building a new house soon & would like to install some type of security system. Can you help?
A: A security system is a valuable asset to any home and is essential for all businesses that carry stock. We can quote, install & maintain a security system to suit your needs. As well as panic buttons, swipe cards, remote controls and security cameras for you business or home.

Building, Renovating & New or Old Premises

Q: We are currently building a new house. Do you do cabling for that?
A: Yes, we can supply & install all the cabling except the electrical cabling in your new house. This includes provisions for Telephones sockets, TV sockets, Antennas, Computer & Internet connections, Home Theatre cabling & setup & Security Systems. We can also setup and install the equipment when you are ready to move in.

P: I just bought a building I plan to turn into a retail shop. But there is only 1 phone outlet. I need more!
S: See above question, the same situation applies. It does not matter if the building is new, being refurbished or renovated. We can help!