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Here's some of the custom solutions provided for our customers:

Fitness Club Solution

P: This fitness club had a similar problem. They ran 5 different types of group fitness exercise classes from the one area. Each class would use different CD's and music sources, different instructors, different music equipment & all were run at different times. They found that the program CD's would get lost or scratched beyond repair & using different music sources each class meant lots of plugging & un-plugging of things at the amplifier. There was also an issue with the music 'skipping' during group Step Aerobics classes.


S: My solution was a wall mounted touchscreen and volume control jukebox loaded with all of the different group fitness CD's. All the music was arranged into their particular type of group fitness programs. Now, no more plugging equipment for different classes, no more scratched or missing CD's & no more 'skipping' of music. Instructors simply select their class type, select their workout program number & press play!

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